Always Waiting | My Shetland

Always Waiting | My Shetland

I spent my day waiting for my little car to be collected – the far-side back wheel brake had jammed on.   I only found this out when I put all my Minion breakfast buckets in the back, and tried to set off, only we didn’t.

Yes, we did try going backwards and forwards in short quick bursts.

Yes, we did try pulling the handbrake up and down a few times – though, it felt very stiff and odd.

Yes, we did try hitting the brakes with a hammer.

And while I was waiting with my faithful ‘panion, I took some selfies in my shed for fun.


I also managed to make a little sheeple too, while waiting and the sun was beginning to go down.

Maybe if the sheeple don’t sell, I could try car photography!

Little Pepper was always with me, waiting.  Forever waiting.  She is very patient.

Anyway, thoughts and prayers for my car.  It is going to the right place (Shetland’s best garage) where everything will be coaxed back into life again.

Meanwhile the car away, I shall look online at small 4×4’s. I quite like the look of a Jimny van.

Always Waiting | My Shetland

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