Albie, No!

Albie, No!

Fivla was eating her brekkie bucket in the field, while the others were in the water-logged paddock eating their’s.  Albie was in the field too.

He finished his food first and thought it would be a very good idea to wander over to see how Fivla was getting on with her breakfast and maybe he could help out.

I knew exactly what he was going to do and so did Fivla.

Fivla is Albie’s adopted mother.  From the start, he has always loved her and she in return has always looked after him, but eating her breakfast is one step too far and so she told him.

Knowing this, Albie casually ate grass around Fivla’s bucket, getting quietly closer and closer, as if we didn’t notice.

And then Fivla came up for air (a rookie mistake) and Albie and his extra long proboscis swooped in to steal the bucket and its contents.

I had to explain to Albie that we don’t do this.  Not now, not never.

And I think he believed me and went back to happening to be in the area!

It was a very close area, though, but he did behave himself and I let him lick out the bucket, when Fivla had finished, as a reward.

And I hope you noticed how, with nothing better to do up here, we like to colour coordinate our buckets with the pony rug!


Albie, No!

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