A Winter Walk | My Shetland

A Winter Walk | My Shetland

Well, I expect you can guess where this is going…..

Daisy, Floss and I went on a dog walk and, obviously, Monster came too…… in the snow….. whinging all the way.

I title this “One Girl and Her Cat”.

We always waited for Monster to catch up.  He likes to lag behind, whining.

There was a little bit of vigilant hunting.

And then there was exploring of the derelict croft house.


This says it all!

Quickly back to being majestic and meaning like he meant to do that.

The dogs ran around, enjoying themselves but all eyes were on Monster (sorry, dogs) who went on whining and walking.

Obviously with more praise, adoration and encouragement. We decided Monster felt the cold on his paw and it wasn’t very nice for him.

I did offer to carry (more like lug) him.

But Monster was happiest picking his way around the field, walking on the dry stone dykes (walls) when he could. They were easier on his feet than the snow.

We walked the circuit, the dogs got out for a while and then we all went home.

An well-earned après-walk snooze in The Fortress of Solitude.

This afternoon was flute trios in my shed.   Monster must be exhausted now after his full day.

A Winter Walk | My Shetland

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