A Usual Cat-Walking Day | My Shetland

A Usual Cat-Walking Day | My Shetland

Move along, please.  Nothing to see here.

Just a woman walking her dogs and cat but first waiting for the cat while he tinkers with the brakes of her car.

Hmmmm. I am a tad nervous now.

When Monster finished his car mechanic course, he came along to join us.

Even walking over the mud which is worthy of a good whinge.

There was some running to keep up.

And a bit of stalking Ted just because it is great fun, and usually Ted has no idea.

We walked up to the derelict schoolhouse (mentioned as a school in 1878 records) in the field.

Pepper and Monster did a spot of hunting. Well, Pepper hunted and Monster looked on.

The croft of Clothie is exactly 5 acres with Stourborough Hill in the background and my croft (Thordale) with its big green shed to the right.

Pepper was very keen on looking at something. I have no idea what it was.

Monster adopted a more restful approach to being alert.

Again, Ted has no idea what was going on. He’s not that kind of dog.

One fat statue.

And then Monster clambered in an elegant Size 8 sort of way that did not involve falling off rocks or getting his feet wet or dirty.  I have no idea how he achieves this.

These two, honestly!

When we got home, we all noticed, to a horse, cat, and dog that the fencer had arrived to build a track for the Minions.

It will be around the edge of this field and I am very excited this is going to happen.

Because the old Icelandics insisted on standing by the fence making comments like “you’re doing that wrong”, I opened the gate to their hill field.  They disappeared over the horizon possibly never to be seen again.

A Usual Cat-Walking Day | My Shetland

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