A Pair of Reprobates | My Shetland

A Pair of Reprobates | My Shetland

Yesterday, we swapped Albie for Storm, who was also very sore on his feet.  Flossie had noticed he was lurking in the background looking miserable.

Tiddles was pleased to see him and Albie was glad to escape.

Talking of escaping, this morning, OH came in from feeding the hens/ducks to say that Storm and Tiddles were the other side of my optimistic single strand electric fence.  Of course they jolly well were!  I guess it was inevitable and it definitely was Storm who was to blame.  I put them back and lowered the fence.  They had gone under. No one jumps. I don’t encourage flight.

And today is a day of shite, weather-wise, so I felt sorry for the reprobates and brought them into the stable for their painkillers. I also made up a hay net too.  Maybe that will keep them out of mischief.

I left them playing with all the bowls.  The best toys – they are virtually indestructable.

I wonder where these two will be tomorrow.  Probably in the house!

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A Pair of Reprobates | My Shetland

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