A Lull Now | My Shetland

A Lull Now | My Shetland

We are in a lull now. Today has been fierce and going out this morning to feed the horses and ponies was hard but OH and I did it.

The ponies were of course fine. They all came down the hill and the old ladies got their buckets.  In another field, the old men appeared on the horizon and then stood by the open shed and said they were happy being outside, thank you very much.

I had worried all night about everyone  but no one was shaking or looking miserable so I have stopped worrying.

Albie and Storm are doing ok.  Storm is sound while Albie still has painkillers. He needs them and moves far more freely with them. Without, he goes back to pottering and looking miserable.  The difference is huge.

After my lunch, I put the boys in the school while I mucked out in peace.

While I was shovelling, Lambie pushed his way into the stable.  I felt sorry for the other sheep and let them come in too.


While Lambie ate his “private” straw bale, I gave them a haynet to munch on.  They were very happy (as ever, Harrel had gone to bed and Madge was happy outside).

We’ve had one casualty, so far, in the storm.

Pepper, no matter what, and I mean what, follows me everywhere.  She will not be told no or to stay inside. She has to be with me, which is lovely especially at night when I go out last thing because I won’t lie – I am scared of the dark.

Anywho we are all making the most of the lull.  Hopefully the next few days won’t be so bad.

A Lull Now | My Shetland

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