A Busy Day | My Shetland

A Busy Day | My Shetland

It’s been a busy day today.

The weather is still horrible but Storm is feeling much better. I fed him some breakfast, which he wolfed down and made the decision to put him back with his friends without a rug because:-

a) they would chase him ragged for wearing a rug – there is exercise and then there is exercise.
b) he had already escaped into the field to be with his friends and was busy playing happily with them!

And then I moved the whole lot over to Clothie – their original 5 acre field which has tons of shelter and old grass.

I moved them 3 being led at a time with one follower and, guess what, it worked though Waffle  dragged me across the hill – a bit like water-skiing.

I have been up to check on Storm three times today and he is fine, eating and much more relaxed.

And then I went into my shed this afternoon to build sheep.

(I was trying to recreate this famous picture – Study of a cat by Ernest Jackson)

And then inside to try and get near the fire.

There is a bit of a queue, though.

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A Busy Day | My Shetland

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