A Bit Wow!

A Bit Wow!

This is probably the last of the gorgeous mornings for a while.  We will soon be back to the usual dreich wind and rain that is far more likely for this time of year.

Today’s sunrise was excellent.  This time I had forgotten my scoop so had to use my bare hands to plonk the ponies’ food into their bowls and then get rid of any floating icebergs in the water.  I won’t forget again. It was painful and the language fruity.

And then I had to go and get some petrol from our local shop 20 minutes drive away but it was worth the effort.

On my way home, I parked up and took a few photos of our village just because it was so magical.  This is the sea that is frozen.  Amazing and flat calm. Not a breath of wind anywhere.

And more frost flowers.  All perfect.  Now back to the normal weather of constant wind and rain. These past few days have been our reward from the 4 day storm of last week.


A Bit Wow!

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