Windy Out | My Shetland

Windy Out | My Shetland

It’s pretty bad out there – lots of wind (gusting F11) accompanied by sudden bursts of rain or hail and it will be going on and on for a few days.

However, we went out there and managed to feed everyone their morning bucket.

It was a struggle, but we did it and could go back inside happy in the knowledge that everyone had everything they needed.


So far, there’s been one casualty.  The hurdle fence, which is not a huge calamity in the grand scheme of things. If this all we get, then we get off lightly is the way I see it.

Everything done, everyone checked and it was straight back into the house to weather the storm.  Thank you to our escorts, Maggie and Barrel with Edna in the background.

Heating turned on, and we all got on with indoor things.

Flossie learned to knit (again) and the best bit was I didn’t have to teach her.  My visitor, Michele, was taking that class. Phew!

While Monster took up embroidery!

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Windy Out | My Shetland

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