Whose poo? Match the animal to its faeces | Animals

Tracey Lee’s collection of animal faeces is on display in an exhibition, The Origin of the Faeces, which opens this weekend at Fusebox in Kingston upon Thames, south-west London.

There’s a hint beside each image to help you match the animal to its poo, and we can confirm there is no human excrement on show. But the following discharges from all creatures great and small do feature:

Bactrian camel
Western lowland gorilla
Galápagos tortoise
Partula snail
Giant spiny stick insect
Asian elephant
Socorro dove
Scimitar oryx
Komodo dragon

Drag the arrow to the right to reveal the answer

Three very large, round poos with what looks like straw in them.

Clue: These dumps belonged to a former resident of London Zoo called Geetha.

A splattering of light brown poo with some darker and white bits.

Clue: These island dwellers are extinct in the wild but their faecal matter will hopefully splatter the ground once again when captive-bred animals are returned to the wild.

Three small pellets of dark poo.

Clue: This stool’s owner might be found adhering to a twig.

Nine balls of poo.

Clue: This poo is drier than most, thanks to this creature’s talent for extracting water from everything it eats.

A very large poo, about the size of a hamster.

Clue: These carnivorous animals produce a number two only every five days or so.

A large, dry poo that looks like a giant tadpole with lots of twigs in it.

Clue: You might encounter this ordure on an archipelago.

A long, thin poo.

Clue: These kebab-like discharges were created by “a lovely lady” called Zaire who once lived at London Zoo.

A tiny, light brown pellet of poo.

Clue: This poo’s owner was extinct in the wild but has now returned, thanks to an ongoing captive breeding and reintroduction programme.

A tall pile of dark brown poo pellets.

Clue: This pile of poo was created by a desert dweller that was driven to extinction in the wild. Reintroduction programmes are under way.

A thin, snake-like trail of poo.

Clue: Are you still alert? Compare the crap to work out this one.

Whose poo? Match the animal to its faeces | Animals

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