Where’s My Book? | My Shetland

Where’s My Book? | My Shetland

This is an exceptionally good year for growing things, especially the wild flowers which are truly beautiful.  I shall attempt to name them all but forgive me if I get any wrong, which is probably inevitable.

These photos are all from Leradale which has a lovely diverse range.

Even though there is no one living there, I still like to take the dogs for a good run there.  They love it.

So here goes (reaches for her copy of Shetland Flowers):-



Bog Asphodel


Heather (close-up)

Bell Heather

Bell Heather (close-up)

Cross-leaved Heath


Round-leaved Sundew

Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil


And, lastly, these two flowers!  Iacs (L) and Haakon (R).

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Where’s My Book? | My Shetland

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