W = Wednesday = Water

W = Wednesday = Water

W = Wednesday = Water Day = this is the only way I remember what I am supposed to be doing in the week.  I have the brain of a hen, otherwise.

Despite the drizzly weather, as today began with a W, I knew I had to empty, clean and renew all the water buckets.

Including the “swimming pool” by the shed.

The dogs waited patiently while I did all this.  They went for their walk later.

I scrubbed and washed the Minions’ food bowls first.

Then I cleaned the water buckets and refilled them. It’s a long heavy hose a long way from the tap hence why it is only done once a week.

Then I did the same for the Old Ladies’ water supply too.

No one was grateful or even noticing, which made my life easier.

Next, I returned everything to its rightful place.

And no doubt, it will all be rearranged by tomorrow morning!

Once done, I rolled up the massive and heavy hose and put it back in its home.

All the ducks had clean water too – though, they have that daily.

“Luke, I am your father!”

And Mr Ducky is now father to three more ducklings who have not come out of their nest yet so off we go again on trying to catch them and their mother to relocate them to a safer, less worrying place.

It never stops.

W = Wednesday = Water

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