Video of Truck Hitting a Rhino at an Animal Corridor in Assam Leaves Netizens Enraged

Video of Truck Hitting a Rhino at an Animal Corridor in Assam Leaves Netizens Enraged

A video of a rhino getting hit by a truck in an animal corridor has left netizens enraged. The viral clip was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan on Sunday, October 9. While sharing the video on Twitter, the officer revealed that the incident took place at the Hadibari animal corridor located in Assam. In the viral clip, a heavy truck carrying goods can be seen passing through the road, when a wild rhino appears from one side of the animal corridor. The truck continues to move forward, while the rhino gets hit brutally.

After the vehicle passes by, the rhino tumbles on the road, possibly a head injury received during the clash. The animal then gets up and moves toward the forest again. The IFS officer, in an attempt to raise a caution alarm, wrote, “Friends while driving through animal corridors, the least we can do is caution. The video is from Haldibari Animal Corridor in Assam.” In a subsequent tweet, the officer added, “My concern is not limited to this case. It is just an example. Annually hundreds of wild animals face accidents due to overspeeding or rash driving through wildlife corridors. Remember all wildlife corridors have speed restrictions. Caution can help.” Watch the video below:

Within a day the video has amassed over 413 thousand views on the micro-blogging, leaving many concerned about the health of the animal. Meanwhile, a section of the internet also highlighted that the truck driver wasn’t at fault. A user, who was left worried about the animal’s health, asked if the authorities traced and treated the rhino, “Is the Rhino ok? I hope the forest officials went looking for him to check on him.”

Another defended the driver, “There was no chance that the driver would have stopped it’s an unfortunate accident.”

One more commented, “I don’t see any mistake of the truck driver. Instead, we need fencing of highways and special underground corridors for the animals to pass from one side to another.”

A netizen pointed, “Sad to see the rhino getting knocked down. Neither the driver nor the rhino is at fault, except that actually, it is our fault at the end of the day for building highways through animal corridors.”

An update regarding the trauma suffered by the rhino wasn’t shared by the IFS officer. The extent of its injury remains unknown.

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Video of Truck Hitting a Rhino at an Animal Corridor in Assam Leaves Netizens Enraged

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