Vaccination Camp at Bhaisenpati | Animal Nepal’s Blog

Vaccination Camp at Bhaisenpati | Animal Nepal's Blog

Our Humane Dog Management Programme has been involved in anti-rabies vaccination, CTVT treatment, community education programmes and CNVR programmes to all the dogs. So, on 30th, June, 2017, Animal Nepal team to the field and vaccinated 78 stray dogs in Bhaisenpati area Lalitpur Metropolitan city.
AN program manager Kapil Kafle, Veterinarians Sunil Thapa and Chet Raj Pathak,Communication officer Nirmal Sharma, Vet technician Gautam Khetri, Kushal B.C and Oshin Tamang, dog catcher Mohan Maharjan ,assistant Ram Chandra Shrestha and five volunteers worked hard on a warm sunny day at the camp.
The team was supported by local community people. They were actively coordinating with our team. Besides vaccinating 78 dogs from these areas, some dogs were treated for various skin diseases. Similarly, 8 dogs were picked up for spaying.
Our vaccination camp was very successful. Animal Nepal would also like to thank the local people of bhainsipati who were very caring and kind towards animals in their area and were extremely supportive towards our programme. A big thank you to the Humane Dog Management Programme team and the local community for making the programme a great success.

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Vaccination Camp at Bhaisenpati | Animal Nepal’s Blog

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