Upcoming meeting to determine fate of Fayette Animal Shelter

Upcoming meeting to determine fate of Fayette Animal Shelter

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (LOOTPRESS) – The Fayette County Commission has announced the planned agenda for its upcoming meeting, which is set to take place on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 9:00am. 

Topics of discussion will include discussion and decision regarding the animal shelter, funding requests for new police cruisers and more. 

The full agenda as released by the Fayette County Commission Staff can be seen below. 

8:30 Election Equipment Test for Early Voting and the 2022 General Election at the Fayette County Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building

9:00 Pledge of Allegiance 

Exonerations, Orders to Combine or Divide Land, Refunds – Eddie Young 

Approve 2nd Half October Payroll

Approve Vouchers and Invoices

Approve Prior Meeting Minutes 

Approve Estate Settlements

9:05 Ruth Lanier – Exhibit A

9:15 Discussion and Decision: Sheriff Mike Fridley, Funding Request for New Cruisers

9:30 Discussion and Decision: Animal Shelter

10:00 Public Hearing  Re: Rezoning Case No. – Bradly Lowman Case #Z-536-22-1 – Postponed from 9/21

10:15 Discussion and Decision: Michael Callaghan, Legal Counsel Re: Litigation

10:30 Discussion & Decision:   911 Changes and Recommendations

10:45 Discussion & Decision:  Spillman Presentation

Exhibit A

  1. Discussion & Decision:  Discussion & Decision: Request from Mike Fuller, for approval and signature of Participation Forms for Teva, Allergan, Rite Aid, CVS, and Walmart Opioid Settlements


  1. Discussion & Decision: Request from Melanie Cadle, Danese PSD Funding Request postponed from 10.5.22


  1. Discussion & Decision:  Request from Cpl. Michael Sifers to Authorize President Taylor to act on the Fayette County Commission’s Behalf to Enter into a Contractual Agreement with the Division of Administrative Services for a Contract with WV Supreme Court


  1. Discussion & Decision:  Prioritization, Approval and Signature of Records Management Grant Applications for 2023


  1. Discussion & Decision:  Hiring of Litter Control Officer


  1. Discussion & Decision:  Petition to appoint Sheriff as Administrator of the Billy Ray Vance Estate


  1. Discussion & Decision:  TIF for Wolf Creek Park


  1. Discussion & Decision:  Gigready Consultant and ISP


  1. Discussion & Decision: Seek proposals or bids for Annex roof repair


  1. Discussion & Decision:  Appointment of Delmas Roberts as Gauley River Public Service District Board Member


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Upcoming meeting to determine fate of Fayette Animal Shelter

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