Tulsa Animal Welfare Waives Fees To Help Increase Pet Adoptions

Tulsa Animal Welfare Waives Fees To Help Increase Pet Adoptions

As we get closer to Christmas, Tulsa Animal Welfare is waiving all adoption fees. It’s part of the shelter’s “Home for the Paw-lidays” event.

Animal shelters across Green Country are overcrowded, so volunteers are trying to come up with new ways to get animal lovers to adopt.

That’s why Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter is waiving adoption fees all month long for its Home for the Paw-lidays event.

The shelter said there are specific animals that are most in need of homes.

“The thing we really need the most help with is medium and large breed dogs. That’s what we have the hardest time getting out in a timely manner,” Bailey said.

Employees hope people will come adopt an animal, which will also help clear the overcrowded shelter.

“We have a lot of really dedicated people who clean up after these animals, feed the animals, and try to access their personalities so we can get more information to give to potential adopters around them,” Bailey said.

The shelter has more than 180 dogs and 50 cats that need homes.

“We actually did have to push back our business hours to the public. We use to be open from noon to six, but we are now open two to six. It’s just the cleaning process now and how full we are, it does take a little bit longer the normal, so it takes about five to six hours to clean in the morning,” Thompson said.

The shelter said Home for the Paw-lidays is a great way to add a new friend to the family during this holiday season.

“You can go through and visit with the animals; you can take them outside and play with them and get to know them a little bit. Ask the staff questions about their temperament and personality,” Bailey said.

Tulsa Animal Welfare is also looking for foster homes if you want to help out, but don’t want to adopt. 

Tulsa Animal Welfare Waives Fees To Help Increase Pet Adoptions

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