Topping Up | My Shetland

Topping Up | My Shetland

All the animals had their breakfast and were in the fields I wanted them to be in for the day, so I made a dash into town (Lerwick) for some last minute messages.  The Eurovision Song Contest is on Saturday so I need to be prepared.

I popped into Jamieson’s Knitwear and topped up the sheep field.  I was slightly disappointed to see that my “Lambie” Lamb (far right with the black blob on his back) made with the last of his fleece has not sold.  I might have to take him back.  He is special.

But the Street was busy, which was good to see.

There was a small-ish cruise ship in. Just the one, today – the M.S. Fridtjhof Nansen – a fully hybrid ship, apparently one of the most environmentally friendly ships in the world.  And lots of folk wandering around in red jackets.


I hope the visitors appreciated just how beautiful and unique Lerwick is.

And back home, by early afternoon, to make more sheep in the hope that someone might one day buy one and take it travelling too.

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Topping Up | My Shetland

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