Today’s Sheep | My Shetland

Today’s Sheep | My Shetland

Out and about my daily dog walk this morning, I decided to go and see the sheep in their natural habitat.  They come up for their breakfast in the shed and then return to whichever field they chose for the day.  That’s the routine.

Lambie first, as usual.

Lambie with his Hallowe’en face.  He is wierd.

‘Ster looking a bit gormless.

He really doesn’t photograph very well and he’s wearing shrubbery.

Maggie demanding whatever I had in my pocket – she knew there was a Pasture Cookie.

Yes, she found it.

(An Interlude – little Pepper with Ted in the distance.  While I talk to the sheep, they do their own thing.)

And, back we go to the sheep.

Harrel-the Barrel on his own.

He was quietly working on his Winning Smile.

And dear Edna

She may be ancient and have no teeth but she is looking so good now.

And this is usually as close as I ever get to Madge, these days.

However, she put on her Brave Pants (possibly size XXXXXXXXXL) to come and see what I had brought.

Once taken, off she went again.  This is my normal view of Madge.

And lastly, the luscious ‘Bert who, in this photo, doesnt look at all like my usual ‘Bert.

No, my bad, there he is!  Gorgeous, obviously.

So the dogs and I wandered the fields and the sun sort of shone on the sheep which proves they are all very special and I am very lucky.

Today’s Sheep | My Shetland

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