Terriers | My Shetland

Terriers | My Shetland

Here are a few photos from the dog-walk this morning.  I lugged my big camera (and it is heavy) along with me as it is the best one for action shots.

This is the type of photo which results in the comment “she is a good stamp of a dog” in the Patterdale terrier world (possibly the underground one and yes, there is one and you absolutely do not want to go there).

I think this photo sums up Ted up very well.  He is always in the wrong place.  Always.  It is his speshul skill.  He has spent many years cultivating it.

And this sums up Pepper perfectly too.  A typical terrier.

Anyway, we had a good walk around the fields.

And all I hear is my mother’s voice saying she wanted Ted to be a “Proper Dog”.


I think he is (even if he was a total twat at the vet’s last week).

Still, Pepper was not much better – this is when I was calling her to come back.  She took her time. ’nuff said.

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Terriers | My Shetland

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