Advocates urge Olympic chefs to drop foie gras at the 2024 Games

Over a month ago, Animal Equality’s global team launched a campaign to remove foie gras from the 2024 Olympic hospitality menu. Foie gras production involves force-feeding ducks and geese multiple times daily until their livers swell up to ten times their natural size. Many animals bleed, pant, shake, and vomit during this process.  Advocates argue […]

Refrain from giving rabbits as Easter gift, animal advocates urge – NBC Los Angeles

With Easter a little over a week away, shelter officials and animal rescue groups in Riverside County are urging people not to buy rabbits as holiday gifts for children. They say that what begins as a well-meaning gesture often leads to abandoned animals when the novelty wears off and families realize they’re not equipped to […]

Minnesota animal health experts urge caution as dog influenza case rise across the country | The Mighty 790 KFGO

MINNEAPOLIS – A highly contagious strain of dog influenza spreading across Texas and other parts of the United States is a reminder for pet owners in Minnesota to keep an eye on their four-legged friends this winter. The symptoms of dog influenza are similar to symptoms humans develop when sick with the flu, including a […]

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