Animal Rights Defender Wayne Hsiung Convicted of Felony for Rescuing Factory Farm Animals

In California, a jury has found the animal rights activist and attorney Wayne Hsiung guilty of three charges, including felony conspiracy to trespass, after he led direct action protests in 2018 and 2019 that rescued ducks and chickens from factory farms in Sonoma County. Hsiung faces up to three-and-a-half years at a sentencing hearing scheduled […]

Animal Rescuer Jailed, Convicted, Bound by Gag Order

Attorney and whistleblower Wayne Hsiung has been convicted of two misdemeanors and one felony charge after rescuing sick and injured animals from two California farms. Hsiung is connected to the animal protection organization DxE (Direct Action Everywhere). On these farms, which have connections to corporations like Whole Foods and Costco, Hsiung and over a hundred […]

Woman convicted of animal ill-treatment in Aus faces NZ charges

An animal breeder who changed her name and moved to New Zealand after being convicted of animal abuse in Australia is now being charged with abuse once again. The SPCA has confirmed it has filed 18 charges under the Animal Welfare Act against Lena Duncan for the alleged mistreatment of more than a dozen horses. […]

Convicted animal abuser denies wrongdoing in interview

Warning: Some people may find images in this story upsetting. A woman convicted of animal abuse in South Australia is now living under a new name in New Zealand and is, once again, under investigation for mistreating animals. By Sunday’s Mava Moayyed The SPCA confirmed it’s looking into Lena Duncan for alleged breaches of the […]

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