Summer Craft Fair | My Shetland

Summer Craft Fair | My Shetland

You know me, I like a craft fair, I do, so my friend, Mandy who I play flute duets with, and I drove into town to attend the Summer Craft Fair at Mareel.

There were two areas – the main auditorium and foyer.  As we were pretty early, there were only few customers around (which was lovely) but the stall-holders were all set up and ready.

We wandered around, chatting to the craft-makers and admired their stalls, buying Lovely Things as we went.


I cannot tell you just how much I was taken with this amazing picture by Hentilagets.  It spoke to me and then I had to convince myself that I needed it.

I also love these.

We did more looking at the Lovely Things.  This pendant is by Shetland Jewellery  – The Mirrie Dancers (northern lights) on Mousa Broch – my photos do not do it justice (the light in the auditorium was not helpful).

Shetland chocolate…… hmmmm.

Incredible woodwork by Paparwark.  That is a “jumper board” – a necessity for Shetland knitters.

I might’ve bought myself a vase too – because I have been looking for something small to put flowers in –  Gill Owen Ceramics

And I was totally in love with these crocheted cats. So clever.

Folk had worked very hard at their beautiful crafts.  I was very impressed at the high standard.  While we were perusing everything, the Fair did start to fill up with shoppers.  I was glad we had gone early.  It was a wise choice.


And yes, I brought the wave picture home.  I just had to. I love it. I needed it and it looks just right in my shed. It is the kind of thing that I would’ve gone back for the next day, only to find someone else had bought it.  But this time, it was me!

Summer Craft Fair | My Shetland

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