So Happy! | My Shetland

So Happy! | My Shetland

The Shetland ponies are all very happy being together at Leradale.

I fed the old ladies and then took the dogs for a walk – this is my back view….

And my front (two dots of hi-viz = the doglets, Ted and Pepper).

The ponies were playing, galloping about, giggling and farting.

So lovely to see.

They ran one way…..

And then the other.

A wee film

I talked to Tiddles who promised me he felt completely better and he would do his best not to get laminitis again.

Waffle was thrilled to see his friends again.

Newt was not.  He has to work harder to maintain his current Reign of Terror.




And I left them all munching on grotty old hill grass.

And I made a promise to Fivla and Vitamin that their old-lady-buckets would still continue and, if they needed to, I would move them next door to the field with all the grass.  The others would not be joining them.

Anyway, it is so nice to have the ponies all back together again.  Seeing Albie gallop about out of sheer happiness made my heart sing.




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So Happy! | My Shetland

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