Security Guards | My Shetland

Security Guards | My Shetland

These photos are from yesterday. Today the snow has melted with endless rain and everyone does not look fluffy and pretty anymore.  Think drowned rats, so I didn’t photograph them.

Anywho, moving swiftly backwards to yesterday ….. after we had dished out carrots to Albie, Storm, Waffle and Tiddles, Floss and I moved onto the old men who were in the far corner of the field thinking that they had been invaded by small things.  They had a point.

Floss was on carrot duty while I was on camera.

The old men got more carrots (and Pasture cookies – you know who you are and thank you!) than the littlies because they are not on a permanent diet.

Floss remarked that if airport security join the other strikes, we could supply our local airport (Sumburgh) with three very efficient pat-down security guards.

Nothing gets past these three. Nothing. Haakon even left the group to walk around to have a go at me, just in case I had a large slice of chocolate cake hidden about my person.

He would not be told and had to settle for a hug, which he hated. He is not that kind of guy.  29 years old and he only likes (tolerates) hugs when he is ill!

Meanwhile Floss was being searched with by the professionals.

Yesterday was cold, but beautiful. Today is dreich again.  Day by day is how we work this time of the year.

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Security Guards | My Shetland

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