Rushing | My Shetland

Rushing | My Shetland

It felt like a day of rushing.  I had a dentist appointment around lunchtime in Lerwick so everything had to be done before I left, including playing spot-the-dog on the walk (how I wished I had put on their hi-viz jackets).


Although we have not much snow, we have ice now and it is very cold so I gave myself lots of time to drive in, taking it slowly. I am not a brave driver at best.

Ted is not a fan of this weather so after the dog-walk, he went inside and Pepper stayed with me while I finished up.

The dentist was dentist-like, not doing much but it’s always the thought, isn’t it?  After, because I knew I had to get back home quickly, I did my messages as well as checking sheep numbers.

Then swiftly home while it was still light to feed everyone all over again.

I had to guard Fivla while she ate due to the circling vultures who were relentless.

At this stage we had words, but I have to be careful because Fivla gets easily upset and stops eating.

And everyone was pleased to see me home, as I have opposable thumbs and can open cat and dog food tins/sachets.  Lucky me.

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Rushing | My Shetland

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