Recording Again | My Shetland

Recording Again | My Shetland

This afternoon found us back in the recording studio for Part the Two of our stab at making a cd for Mandy’s Dad (because he wanted to hear us – I am reluctant to say “Oh, the fool”, but honestly “why, just why?”)

Of course, Monster was hugely involved but unceremoniously picked up and carried outside again.

We did plead with our record producer to let him stay but it was not to be.

This was our half time break and all the animals piled onto Mandy.

And so, after playing and recording all afternoon, I went outside for a breath of fresh air and also fed the ducks and chickens their tea.

They are fed twice a day and are all getting on fairly well.  7 Muscovy hens to 5 drakes is not an easy ratio to have but it is what it is and everyone is making the best of it. The 9 chickens don’t have a cockeral because he was a bastard rapist who had to go (and we all breathed a sigh of relief when he did).

Arguments are not tolerated but luckily there are no obvious bullies.  They muddle along fairly amicably and there is definitely a pecking order to be adhered to by everyone.  I am just there to make sure everyone has their fair share of food.

So next Saturday will be another recording session and I will work during the week with OH putting down my flute part (ooh, look lingo, I think!)

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Recording Again | My Shetland

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