Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Inc.: Harper the Goat

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Inc.: Harper the Goat

By Tilly Booth – Possum Valley
Foster Carer 

In Early November, Possum Valley
received a call from Cockburn Pound about a beautiful older goat. She was well
known to locals, having been roaming the area for a few years. It had taken so
long for her to trust a human, but thankfully she did, as it started her
journey to her new life!

Harper liked to keep us on our
toes – within 30 seconds of her arrival at the Rescue Ranch, we discovered that
has springs for legs and she jumped the fences (very elegantly) leading to
a  three-hour run around to catch her again. But then her journey to
healing, trusting and good food began!

Over the months that Harper has
been in foster care she’s shared her space with another goat and some lambs.
She has started to trust people and it’s so exciting to see her go from being
timid to actively following me around, taking treats from my hands and socialising with other animals. Although we keep a long lead on her for safety
purposes, she’s not jumped the fence again to run away. She has realised that
life with friends is a good one and she spends her day eating hay, hard feeds,
lounging in the sun and playing. She has come such a long way in a small amount
of time and it’s heartwarming to see this wild goat get a second chance at life
– a good one with friends and food!

Harper has now found her new home
and we are so excited to see her adventures as she settles into herd life and her
forever home. 



Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Inc.: Harper the Goat

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