Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Inc.: Beatrix Sheep

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Inc.: Beatrix Sheep


Beatrix sheep arrived at Possum Valley during the autumn. She was only around six years old, but had been surrendered to the Sanctuary due to a case of progressed mastitis. We had never seen an udder in such bad shape, so her first stop was Murdoch Veterinary Hospital where she underwent over two weeks of intensive antibiotic treatment. Sadly Beatrix did not respond to any of the drugs used, and was released from the hospital with her issue unresolved. 

During the winter months, Beatrix was monitored and underwent regular vet checks for changes. In herself she was well, but her huge udder was certainly an impediment to running and playing with friend Sammy, and her daily checks and cleans were not welcomed. 

By the end of August, her udder was looking larger, and with warmer weather and increased fly risk imminent, the decision was made for Bea to have a full mastectomy. A sheep mastectomy is a serious procedure, and the removal of her 4.8kg udder took over eight hours by a specialist vet team. Beatrix is certainly a little fighter, and just hours after waking, was stomping her foot at clinic staff and eating her hay with enthusiasm. 

It’s been several weeks now since Beatrix’s life saving surgery, and she is recovering well. She is receiving lots of TLC, and while her surgery site still has a long way to go, she is bright and keen to get back on her hooves!

If you are able to contribute to Beatrix’s ongoing health costs, donations can be made at www.givenow.com.au/possumvalley

Be sure to keep up to date with beautiful Bea’s recovery updates on Facebook! 

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Inc.: Beatrix Sheep

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