Possible Explanation | My Shetland

Possible Explanation | My Shetland

**** Trigger Warning ****  Not a pretty picture…… you’ve been warned.

Well, here it is – the possible explanation for Monster’s recent decline.  First thing this morning OH found this in the garden. He threw it onto a roof for the birds to remove.

This is definitely the reason for the whiff of polecat the other night and just look at those teeths.  Vicious.  They mean business.

I won’t lie, but I am very proud of Monster and his hunting abilities. Bringing home a dead polecat is a new one to us but well done that lad, is what I say.  We have a terrific problem with this type vermin and lock up our poultry every night to protect them.  So the way I see it was that Monster was protecting the homestead and he is doing his job well, even taking one for the team. I have inspected him thoroughly for bites, etc and can find none.

The Champion’s Podium. What a guy!

Today Monster ate a full sachet of his favourite food (Blink) for breakfast and is now totally back to normal. We will continue with the no-carb diet as he has the “fuller frame” (vet speak) and doesn’t need to carry more weight.

But I expected more from my working dogs – pahahahah!  Here is the Southern softie…..

…. and his friend, who is rather tired from getting into everyone else’s business.

Edited to say the only other “persons” to have done this are the legendary BeAnne who was an efficient no-nonsense killer and Chatsworth (a very large orange cat).  So kudos for Monster.

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Possible Explanation | My Shetland

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