On the Track | My Shetland

On the Track | My Shetland

Today the track was open for business.  It is for the Minions’ and their constant battle against laminitis. I hope this is the answer as it was a lot of hard work to build.

I don’t want the Shetland ponies to eat the spring grass when or if it arrives as that has a high sugar content which will start the laminitis process all over again.  I am so bored of laminitis.

I explained all this to Vitamin and of course, she understood because she is a wize old pony.

The track is 700 metres around the whole field with two easy watering and crossing points at either end, ie the burn runs right through it.  Yes, there are some muddy spots like at the gate but hey ho, they will manage.

And best of all I can see everyone from any upstairs window!

Tonight, there is a storm with some rain and F10 (55-63mph winds) but the track is laid out so there are good points of shelter if needed.  I think I thought of everything.

Having said that, I put dry rugs back on Vitamin and Fivla as rain is also forecast.

So that’s the latest plan.  I will get around to turning the fence actually on but, as there is currently something to eat on the track, I doubt I will find anyone tomorrow morning where they shouldn’t be – unless they fly over in the wind!

I am, however, taking bets that the first pony to “test” the fence will be Waffle.  Any takers?

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On the Track | My Shetland

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