OMG! Cows! | My Shetland

OMG! Cows! | My Shetland

Another beautiful sunrise this morning. I am a bit obsessed. You can possibly tell.


First glimpse.

Meanwhile, while I was watching this beautiful sight, Storm and Silver were arguing about what was left in Storm’s breakfast bucket. Storm had eaten most of it before Silver waded in.

They lightheartedly bickered over the bucket, taking turns to get some.

Storm would bite Silver’s ear, Silver would lift his head out and Storm would go back in.

And then they both just shared together.

Tiddles was keeping well out of it. Albie and Waffle were staring at their neighbours – cows.  They’ve only always lived in the next door field but the cows’ field is made up of many fields so it is rare to see them come down.

All the boys, except Tiddles, rushed over to stare.  They looked like a boy band fan club who had spied their hearthrobs.

Tiddles galloped off to join the fan club.

And then a cow, who had been ignoring all the ponies, moo’ed and with that every Shetland pony turned and galloped off to the other end of the field! I laughed and laughed.  The old ladies were not impressed by cows but the Minions were hypnotised and turned around to just stand and watch them, possibly with their mouths open.  It was very funny.

And behind me, the sunrise kept going.


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OMG! Cows! | My Shetland

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