Off-Roading | My Shetland

Off-Roading | My Shetland

Since the Ancient horses are in the field that needs water delivered to it and that is a back-breaking job, I put on my Brave Pants and drove across the hill in the Eggbox with large containers of water.

This is exactly what I wanted the Eggbox to do and I won’t lie, I was nervous as I haven’t off-roaded for years.  I last did this route in my big old-style Defender which was built like a tank complete with the best off-roading tyres and drove like one too (I loved that car – it is sorely missed).

But today I did it!  The Jimny made short work of it all and I felt safe and capable as I trundled slowly across the scattald (open hill).

OH walked alongside so he could warn me where I would get stuck. I had the four-wheel drive on after the tyres were slipping in a few places.

Meanwhile, the horses watched on, probably judging my off-roading driving ability.

Yes, I took carrots.

There is an old rutty track across the hill which I followed some of the way to the gate.

And now I can sleep knowing the old horses have a good supply of water.  The bigger tank is full of old rain water (and needs a clean) and, although there is a ditch with running water going through, Haakon won’t drink from it as it is too low for him to reach so he stops drinking.  This is the field where every horse and pony gets colic so I like a fresh supply of easy-to-reach water available at all times.

Well done me. I can do this!

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Off-Roading | My Shetland

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