New Animal control building almost finished in Edgefield County

New Animal control building almost finished in Edgefield County

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) — Construction for Edgefield County’s new animal control building is almost complete. Edgefield County has relied on Aiken County to help with its animal population. Now with this nearly a million-dollar facility, the county will have a place for its animals, and they can help a neighboring county, too.

“One thing that kind of forced our hand to go ahead and build this was Aiken County is simply overwhelmed with animals and dogs and cats and large animals too,” Sheriff Jody Rowland said.

NewsChannel 6 got an inside look at the facility. There’s space for a waiting area, a surgical room for the veterinarian staff, and lots and lots of kennels.

“They will open up to the outside, so any animal in the kennel can have outside recreation at the same time. We’ll have part-time vet staff that comes in and makes sure everything is healthy,” the Sheriff added.

The facility won’t take in cats. “Our alternative to that is going to be a TNR, a trap neuter and release, or we perhaps may give citizens vouchers to make sure they have their cat neutered or spayed. They, will then return that voucher for cash money,” he said.

There will also be an area for families to take adoptable pets to see how they will interact with your family. The facility can also help with the overpopulation of animals in Saluda County. “So they literally have gone in for 25% of our costs and they will bring their dogs to us,” he shared.

A full-timer and a couple of part-timers will be there. Volunteers may be needed later. “I understand that the socialization of these animals is very important, especially pending how long they stay in a shelter environment. So that’s where I’m looking for volunteer help at that time to train and socialize the animals amongst each other,” he added.

The facility should be open in July.

New Animal control building almost finished in Edgefield County

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