My Favourite Bird | My Shetland

My Favourite Bird | My Shetland

My absolute all-time favourite bird in Shetland is the goldcrest.  Apparently, it is an autumnal visitor from Scandinavia.

And, according to Wikipedia “The goldcrest is a very small passerine bird in the kinglet family. Its colourful golden crest feathers, as well as being called the “king of the birds” in European folklore, gives rise to its English and scientific names. The scientific name, R. regulus, means king or knight.”  I did not know this.  I just see them in my garden around this time of year and think they are the best.

I will admit that I am not the most professional bird-watcher at the best of times but, when I popped over to Turriefield to collect some horse/pony/sheep carrots, I was told about their newly arrived goldcrests.  Obviously I didn’t have my big camera with me as the flitted about.

And back in my garden, I went out armed with my camera.  I could hear some goldcrests in the trees – they have a unique sound, very high pitched tweeting.

Of course a certain white cat came too. He was unhelpful and I shouted at him to go inside as he stalked everything I was trying to take a photo of.  Bloody Monster.

But I managed to spot a few wee birds….

…. as they flew off, once Monster was on their trail.

Not kind, Monster, not kind.  It’s not like he’s hungry with his 6 meals a day blagged off OH.

But a goldcrest is a determined chap and, once I got my bird-watching eye in, I could see them in our trees.

Go away, Monster.

At times, it was a case of spot the goldcrest – none here, I don’t think.

I love these wee birds – they make me smile – and tomorrow I think I will head back to Turriefield armed with my big camera and no cat to become an official bird-watcher.


My Favourite Bird | My Shetland

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