Moved Again | My Shetland

Moved Again | My Shetland

The Minion field has become increasingly grotty and is, in parts, at saturation level so I opened the gate into another field, while leading Waffle. Everyone dutifully followed and they haven’t looked back.  I also added Fivla and Vitamin, minus their rugs, as it has been a nice day, albeit very windy.  I think they will be better off with their herd.

The dog-walk later consisted of moving food bowls into the new field and then walking down to the Ancients’ field.


All well there and they were very chatty – possibly it had something to do with the carrots in my pocketses.  Who knew?

Later on, after tea, as the sun was setting, I went down to the field armed with my rugs, bucket, injections and mouth-swilling stuff.

Vitamin had a small bucket of high-calorie food, which she ate most of (Iacs polished off the remainder much to his delight).  I also gave her the injections and cleaned out her mouth afterwards.  Rugs on too for her and Fivla – it’s going to be a coarse night. This field is situated in the valley so they have lots more shelter and a bit more green grass too.

Iacs and his friends came to lurk around the fence in a hopeful give-me-a-bucket-too way and Iacs enjoyed a game of bite-yer-face with Silver.

It was nice to see him play.  I wish I could let them all be together but the thought of breakfast-time buckets makes me realise this would not work.

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Moved Again | My Shetland

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