More than Slightly Obsessed | My Shetland

More than Slightly Obsessed | My Shetland

I have to say that I am more than slightly obssessed about all of my animals now.

My worry levels are through the roof and all I can ask myself is “what did I do wrong? What happened?”  I think they are all dead when they lie down. Obviously they aren’t but even so.

Why did this happen?  I have no answers and there was no post-mortem.  Just “One of Those Things” is what I am told.

The horses are pragmatic.  They said their goodbyes at the time, they watched what happened, walked away and never looked back or struggled with the end.  As it should be.

They have got their heads around things. I haven’t.

Eurovision was a good diverting entertainment and I made The Cake (raspberry version).

It was a fun evening for Daisy and me.  OH has nothing to do with it.  Raspberry gin shots every time anyone lay down to sing on the floor, and a shot for the word “super” during the scoring.

And I have been keeping myself busy, so I don’t think, going through stuff to sell for the huge vet and digger bill.  It is time for a good clear out, anyway.

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More than Slightly Obsessed | My Shetland

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