Last Night’s Northern Lights | My Shetland

Last Night’s Northern Lights | My Shetland

It was cold last night but outside it was very still and very clear.

After supper, whilst lying on the sofa putting a month (September, 1931) of Aunt Kate’s diaries onto the website, I received a message from a friend saying “Aurora good here now!” I struggled to my feet – it is so comfortable on lying on the sofa – and peered outside my back door.

Oh yes, there was definitely something going on.

The “Merrie Dancers” came and went a bit, nothing much and then they started revving up.

I was not wearing any shoes and so I was standing on cold concrete taking photos (and I think I learned my lesson!)

It was truly beautiful.  I called OH out to come and have a look too.  All these photos were taken with my iPhone. There are no filters used and I had to stand very still for the 3 second exposure.

When it started to cloud over, I left and went to have a warm bath to thaw my feet.

This morning’s sunrise.

And tonight’s sunset. Now I have set up my big camera ready for action if the aurora makes an appearance tonight and OH has also put two nails on the back of the house which I can use as a fixed stand for my iPhone.

I am pleased with the results even if I have chilblains for the rest of winter.

Last Night’s Northern Lights | My Shetland

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