Lambie, the Mysogynist | My Shetland

Lambie, the Mysogynist | My Shetland

Lambie is a mysogynist.

There, I’ve said it.

He’s not being very nice to Maggie, deliberately targetting her – head butting and running at her – not letting her into the flock.  I’ve had words about this.

Everyone else is fine and not displaying this bullying behaviour.

Yes, bullying, Lambie. Never a nice trait in anyone.

Edna is being her usual sweet self.

Harrel is oblivious to anything except where his next meal could possibly come from.

When I put the sheep out in their two fields this morning, everyone went down to the second field except for Madge and Maggie, who was also unsure and hanging around.

I went and got Maggie a large bowl of food with a good dose of TurmerAid, in case anything is going on.  She ate it up happily and I kept Madge diverted with some cereal, hoping it wasn’t too fattening.

And then I remembered……. Maggie is in estrus (seeking a ram – which Lambie is most definitely not!)

He had been “interested” in Maggie a few days back.

‘Bert confirmed that Maggie is wonderful.

That is one creepy smile.  Hopefully, though, ‘Bert will look after Maggie.

I wonder why Lambie is being nasty.  So unlike him but he has always been a bit strange.

Lambie, the Mysogynist | My Shetland

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