Intermittent Blizzards | My Shetland

Intermittent Blizzards | My Shetland

Snow, no snow, more snow, then sunshine.  That’s the order of the day (actually most days at the moment).

The sheep seem remarkably happy about it. They are coping well.


…. Though, I am followed everywhere.  I can almost hear the words “biscuits, biscuits” as I walk.

Definitely “biscuits”!

Today was a lovely morning so I put the sheep out in their field with some hay and sheepnuts.  And then immediately it snowed. Not a light snowflake type, think blizzard and I asked if anyone wanted to come home.

The little snowy bottoms were out of that field in an instant. I tried. I really did. Other sheep live outside.

So I opened up their shed (stable) and everyone made friends with the newly replenished haynets.

I am doing my best not begrudge the amount of hay we are getting through.

Not an easy feat, to be honest.

But happy faces make it all worth it.

Meanwhile, the Old Men and Lady were on haynets in their wooden boxes.

This lot don’t seem to care about the weather as long as they have food.

When the blizzards strike, they are swift and fast.

And then suddenly it is a beautiful day again.  I am learning to read the weather and live for the moment.

The dogs love it, so that is good.


Intermittent Blizzards | My Shetland

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