Industrious | My Shetland

Industrious | My Shetland

I’ve been busy making sheep, so many sheep and I possibly dream of sheep now.

But when OH’s friends-from-south said those magic words “is there anything we can help you with?”, my thoughts stopped thinking about sheep and went to all my hurdles stacked in the shed.

I quickly moved all the cars and vans outside and put everyone to work.  An offer of help is an offer of help – a wonderful gift indeed.

We built three large “stalls” for Kolka, Iacs and Haakon.  They are 10 x 15 feet each which should be ample for an over-night stay when the weather gets worrisome.  The gap between them and the Minions means no one can pull faces or get each other.  My Icelandics don’t jump either (famous last words).

Each stall has it’s own separate entrance and hopefully this will be a good thing for the Ancients. They can see each other and not be miserable that they are being inside.  And there is plenty of space for glaring at the opposition (Shetland ponies).

There are some nights, especially during winter, when the wind is howling, the wind-chill makes everything sub-Arctic, the rain/snow is pelting down and just I lie awake in bed and worry.  Now I can fire everyone into their respective pen, dish out plenty of hay and water, shut the door and then lie in bed and worry about them getting stuck, cast or colic in the shed.

Well, that’s the plan.  I am trying to make my life easier for winter.

Of course, we were supervised.

And checked.

So a huge thank you to the friends-from-south for helping me build my stalls.  These should be a game-changer this winter.

Industrious | My Shetland

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