How We All Are

How We All Are

So we are all fine….. (note, the paddy paw of pointing with slight claw involvement).

But, and there’s always a butt, Little Herself, aka Pepper, is limping on her front right, I think, though it does change.  I haven’t taken her to the vet yet as I want to see if it improves over the week.  Seeing how she flings herself about, jumping out of cars, down the stairs four at a time, the limp is not holding her up. I have looked and there is nothing obvious and if I give her a painkiller, it will mask the problem making her jump about more.

Poor Pepper, now her official title apparently, thinks we don’t care.

And apparently food will make everything better.

Ted is, of course, an angel, just a rather grubby one.

And Lambie is fine, thank you for asking.  He is in his winter-I-won’t-do-what-you-want phase.  I am ignoring it and refuse to indulge it.

He wants treats. He is fat. Go figure.

**** sigh ***



How We All Are

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