High Anxiety | My Shetland

High Anxiety | My Shetland

It was looking a bit like Mordor this morning.  We have a huge storm approaching – arriving Thursday.

OH kindly helped me move the food bowls and the water for the Minions this morning.  Lugging the 25 litre water containers kills my back so his help was very welcome.

As I parked by the side of the road, I couldn’t let Pepper out of the car as she is very determined to ignore my wishes and play on the road. She didn’t seem to mind and just watched events from her perch – the dashboard which now has muddy pawprints all over it.

This new feeding place is all grassy and clean and it will be easy to choose a different breakfast spot along the fence line every day .  When it starts getting churned up, the Minions will be moved to another field.

The afternoon was spent making a sheep – the black one while tracking Daisy’s incoming flight, which was delayed, fell off the system, landed late and who-knows-what.  One down, one to go.  At the moment my anxiety level is pretty high and I am keeping myself occupied working hard not to over-think everything.

I am also trying to get as much food down everyone before the storm so, if the animals get nothing for 24 hours, they will be ok.  I can’t see us going out much in a Force 11 and it is all very tiresome trying to keep buckets on the ground and doors from flying off.

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High Anxiety | My Shetland

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