Happy Easter! | My Shetland

Happy Easter! | My Shetland

While I was waiting for a friend to get back home, I sat on a rock with the sheep and we had a lovely chat.

Mostly I talked to Harrel-the-Barrel and his friend ‘Ster.  And then Lambie came up for a scratch and so did Maggie.  They were brief as there was something going on with them two.

Harrel was practising his best photographic pose.

He was trying to convince me that he would be this year’s Easter card.

He even gave me his best Winning Smile, which is good but not as good as some.

(Lambie from yesterday)

But I have to admit Harrel’s is not too shoddy.

So I gave in and said, ok, you’re it!  Happy Easter everyone! xx

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Happy Easter! | My Shetland

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