Hail and Snow Today | My Shetland

Hail and Snow Today | My Shetland

We have a digger digging here at the moment.  Poor digger-driver has a long list on my to-do list.

In case the digger-driver turned up today to dig, I kept the old folk in their field bringing them haynets to hang on the gate.

One of the digging jobs is to scrape all the mud/poo off the hard standing where the horses usually eat and I don’t think the combination of 4 eating Icelandic horses and one digger is a good one, though I am sure the horses would be helpful, possibly too helpful and I also don’t think Iacs should be allowed near machinery. He’s not qualified.

It has been hailing or snowing on and off today.

I arrived early to feed the Minions as we were going out for lunch today, off island.  The clocks also went forward so I guess I was a nice surprise.

And it started hailing again.

So I took a few piccies of hailstones on Shetland ponies, which I think will make great screen-savers.

If anyone wants one, two ….., all, let me know and I can Dropbox them to you.

I think this might be my next screen saver – Newt’s vast bottoooom!

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Hail and Snow Today | My Shetland

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