Former bikini bar becomes faith-based ETX animal rescue

Ex bikini bar becomes faith-based East Texas animal rescue

HARLETON, Texas — The raucous barking of small and large dogs erupts as soon as the weather-worn wooden door opens. Canines of several breeds, from German shepherds to pit bulls, jump up in their newly built wooden kennels, eager to see who has let in the sunshine.

Light is something new to the red, rectangular building at the intersection of FM 726 and FM 1968 near Lake O’ the Pines. It was once home to the Rendezvous Bikini Bar. Back then, black lights cast a deep purple hue throughout the building, shrouding the interior in darkness.

Now, bright, white fluorescent lights illuminate the array of animals inside. Cages and kennels line the walls. Puppies lie down for naps, and larger dogs chomp down on food and gulp down water.

Former bikini bar becomes faith-based ETX animal rescue

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