Fivla’s New Rug

Fivla’s New Rug

Rain is forecast for the next 24 hours.  Quite a lot, really.

When I went out with the dogs for a walk, I found that Waffle and Albie had taken up residence with Fivla standing patiently outside and not being allowed inside.  Rotters.

The boys refused to budge and I felt sorry for Fivla while I was walking the dogs in the ponies’ field.  It was also beginning to rain too.

(I love these three photos of Silver – he is a quiet little character but makes me smile when I think how he has come out of his shell over the years).

I cut the dog walk short (I had a hospital appointment later so time was limited anyway) and I told Fivla to follow me out of the field.

Her new rainsheet had arrived a few days ago, so I popped it on her praying it would fit.  Back out into the field, the muddy bit, and Fivla was investigated (Newt now in the shed) thoroughly.

The rug seems a nice neat fit and I like the pink trim for Fivla – she is a girlie pink girl.

She walked through the mud, which isn’t as deep as you would think as we live on boulder rock so it is not eye-watering wellie-losing deep.

I followed her to see that everything was staying in place and I think going a size up was a wise decision.

So while it rains tonight, I will know this old lady will stay dry and comfortable.

I think Fivla quite likes her new rug too.

Fivla’s New Rug

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