Far Away | My Shetland

Far Away | My Shetland

Having said a few days back that the Minion’s field was perfect, I of course moved them because that’s what I do. Say one thing, then do another!

So the ponies are now in the “middle field” which was eaten down to nearly nothing by Haakon and friends a few months back.

And, interestingly enough, they have all worked out how to get over the burn – Burn of Fleurad (a lovely name, no idea what it means).

This was first thing this morning. I called the ponies and, bless them, after much thought and deliberation they struggled over the burn, which was fairly high – water up to their bellies – and cantered up the hill towards me and my three buckets of nothing (chaff, TurmerAid and dried nettles).

Everyone was very soggy.

And they all ate hurriedly because there was a large vulture trying to circle above (thank you, Iacs).

The middle field is much bigger but full of nothing. It has better shelter, which can only be useful this time of year.  I am glad the ponies are crossing the burn, though.  It means they want to walk about and look for anything to eat. Tomorrow I think I will get them into the school and see what they are like walking without mud, water, etc.  I can get a proper view of them too.

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Far Away | My Shetland

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