Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden

Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden

I have fairies at the bottom of my garden.

Well, that actually might be a typo.  I have furries at the bottom of my garden!

Today I moved everyone.

Old Men into the hill park (field – we call them parks).

Yes, we do!

And Shetlands into the Old Men’s field, that is already eaten down but much bigger with more shelter.

The ponies were thrilled.

Masses of galloping around, which I missed to film, but, believe me, they did move.

Until they discovered the grass factor was possibly less!

But, as Daisy keeps texting me, they are fat, they don’t need lots of grass.

Repeat after me “they are fat, they do not need lots of grass”. So they have shelter and pickings while I try not to feel guilty. I never saw the Old Men again!

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Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden

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