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Have you heard? Animal Place’s annual Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit (FACES) is coming up September 16-18 and it is FREE to register! This year’s panel of speakers has been announced, and you won’t want to miss it! Our fifteen speakers are leaders in their fields with so much to teach us. Scientists, entrepreneurs, activists and experts will share valuable lessons to help us all become better animal advocates by creating connections and taking action.


Meet just a few of these incredible people for yourself!

Dr. Jennifer Jacquet will be sharing a fascinating talk on octopus farming. She’ll be presenting a moral argument against commercial octopus farming, defending these intelligent creatures sentenced to life in aquatic prisons.


This esteemed researcher works as an Associate Professor with New York University’s Department of Environmental Studies. Some of Jacquet’s area of focus lies in wildlife exploitation, conservation science, overfishing and climate change. She has a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Studies, an M.S. in Environmental Economics and a B.A. in Economics/Environmental Studies from Western Washington University. 

Genesis Butler

Genesis Butler is known as a youth leader in the animal rights community. This outstanding young woman made the decision herself to become vegan at just six years old! 


By ten, she became one of the youngest people to deliver a TED talk. Now fifteen, Genesis has been featured on an episode of Marvel’s Hero Project by Disney+ and has been granted a number of awards for her lifelong advocacy for animals and our planet. Like her Great Uncle Cesar Chavez, Genesis has always had an unwavering sense of justice! Genesis will be discussing the importance of connecting with youth in vegan advocacy.

Marc Bekoff

Marc Bekoff is a biologist, cognitive ethologist (the study of animal minds), behavioral ecologist, filmmaker and writer/author. He’ll be teaching us about the importance of understanding animal emotions.


Bekoff’s extensive writings have focused on human-animal interactions and animal protection. In 2000, he and Jane Goodall founded the organization Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Citizens for Responsible Animal Behavior Studies. Bekoff is considered a leader in the field of ethical animal cognition research. He has published a number of books on the subjects of animal emotions, conservation and animal protection. 


Have we captured your interest? These three figures are just a handful of the incredible minds we’ll hear from during this year’s conference. There is so much learning and growing to come out of this spectacular event. Join us as we create connections, expand our minds and become better advocates for animals everywhere.

Want to see who else will be appearing at the FACES conference? Click here to learn more about the speakers and register today!



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FACES: Meet the Speakers! | Animal Place

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