Ducks on the Container | My Shetland

Ducks on the Container | My Shetland

The ducks, having learned to fly, are practising height now.

Today I found these three youngsters on top of one of the containers.  Two girls and one boy.

They are all huge characters.  Watching the politics and hierarchy is interesting. The girls are not shy in telling the boys what they think of them.

This is the face of a boy duck who has been told off by a girl duck, possibly his sister.

You know she is the boss.

I did hear OH tell someone that we had “far too many ducks these days”, so I ignored that comment because I can’t imagine getting rid of any but spring-time might be a different matter.

We’ll see.  At the moment, things are fairly peaceful on the duck front and they are a cheery bunch, very enthusiastic about food with fairly good manners to me and each other.

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Ducks on the Container | My Shetland

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